Site-Specific Spectacular Artists

Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre is proud to present the artists of the Site-Specific Spectacular!
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TOUR #1:
Needle in the Sky

Tour Guides:
    Mark Ikeda & Richard Lee

    Catch the Keys Productions
    Kaely Dekker
    Kristin Eveleigh, Elaine
& Patrick Quinn
    Humble Wonder
    Jennifer Roberts

TOUR #2:
Shadow of the Tower

Tour Guides:
    Devon Dubnyk & Mike Tan

    Julia Burns
    Mikaela Cochrane
    Jennifer DeWolf & Daniel Mills
    Geneviève & Georgette Paré
    Tony Tran & Liana Law

TOUR #3:
Beyond the Curtain

Tour Guides:
    Val Duncan & Celene Harder

    Jessica Barrera
    Nyssa Brown & Joleen Toner
    Jeff Kubik
    Natalka Lewis
    Alexandra Prichard, Naomi
& Howard Wright w/
      Ben Davenport, Eric Nyland &
      Alice Prichard

TOUR #4:
Death of the Freak Show:

Director: Charles Netto
Dramaturg: Mark Hopkins
    Léda Davies
    Pattie Dwyer
    Bobbi Goddard
    Ian McFarlane
    Jed Tomlinson
    Dana Welz
Stage Manager: Erin Bauer
Sound Designer: Kyle Hinton
Costume Designer: Nick Blais

TOUR #1: Needle in the Sky

Catch the Keys Productions

Run by sisters Megan and Beth Dart, Catch the Keys Productions is an independent Edmonton-based organization dedicated to the innovative execution of live arts productions. A vibrant part of the Edmonton arts community for more than five years, Catch the Keys does it all; from creating independent productions to curating arts events on behalf of other organizations, we are proud to bring evolutionary art to our audiences. Each Catch the Keys production is a unique blend of experiential art and strives to include multi-disciplines to demonstrate the undeniable connection among all forms of artistic expression. Theatre, music, visual art, dance, film, technology - Catch the Keys specializes in the new collaboration of art and expression

Catch the Keys is involved in a number of high profile festivals each year including The Canoe Theatre Festival, The Expanse Movement Arts Festival, Nextfest Emerging Arts Festival and The Edmonton International Fringe Festival. Annually, Catch the Keys produces Dead Centre of Town, Edmonton's only travelling haunted house which digs up and dances with the dusty bones of the sadly forgotten history of Edmonton.

Catch the Keys celebrates an action packed 2012/13 season including presenting an excerpt from Snout, a movement-based deconstruction of the Isis-Osiris Egyptian myth, at The Expanse Movement Arts Festival March 8 - 11 at the TransAlta Arts Barns. Check out our two curated series - The Nextfest Niteclubs and NuMusic@Nextfest - at the Nextfest Emerging Arts Festival June 7 - 17. Stay tuned for the full length production of Snout as part of Azimuth Theatre's 2012/13 season.

Catch the Keys would like to thank Swallow-a-Bicycle and The High Performance Rodeo for inviting us to take part in our first Calgary production!

Kaely Dekker

Working with photography, animation and video, Kaely has created several short films and regularly collaborates with local and international musicians to create live interactive video/audio performance installations. Utilizing footage shot around the world and sampling our vast cultural heritage of time-based visual media, Kaely constructs evolving visual compositions which react to and envisage the shape, texture, contrast and colours of the music they accompany.

Kristin Eveleigh

Kristin really enjoys this time of year. Each new year for the past 4 she has had the pleasure of working on a piece for Swallow-a-Bicycle's annual tours. And finally at the age of 30 she has purchased a pair of shoes that feel really good on her short, wide feet. Life is sweet.

Mark Ikeda

Mark !keda is a multidisciplined conquistador of performance and enthusiasm.

He looks forward to meeting you and leading you through the wild grey yonder of the Calgary Tower.

Humble Wonder

Humble Wonder is a multidisciplinary performing arts collective run by Lee Cookson and Tyler Longmire based in Calgary, Alberta. Their most recent adventures took them to the 2011 International Festival of Animated Objects, where they performed their collection of coin-operated shadow-puppet peep shows, Beatrix Noseworthy Presents..., inside a derelict Inglewood cellar. Humble Wonder has also presented during the High Performance Rodeo's Midway, Sage Theatre's IGNITE! Festival, Theatre Skam's Bike Ride & Schoolhouse Rocks, The Belfry Theatre's Incubator Project, and the Victoria Fringe Festival. Find them online in the near future at

Richard Lee

Richard is an Alberta-based actor, dancer and performance-creator. Selected credits include: AIR (Dancers' Studio West); Twenty Five (Joel Crichton Emergency); The Same Joke Twice (Jem Rolls); They Shoot Buffalo, Don't They? (Alberta Aboriginal Arts); Backwater (Windrow Performance); Murderers Confess At Christmas Time (University of Alberta); Knowledge Box (Mile Zero Dance); Under Cover, Are We There Yet?, Sprouts (Concrete Theatre); Athabasca's Going Unmanned (Canadian Centre for Theatre Creation); Work Plays (Alberta Worker's Health Centre); Victoria Martin: Math Team Queen (Northern Light Theatre); The Invisible Project (High Performance Rodeo); Addition (Edmonton Fringe).

He has also created and performed several physical-theatre pieces, including Body Bag (Kaleido Festival), Destrudo (Expanse Festival), Untranslatable Words, Punctum (Mile Zero Dance Salons), and ManDance with Cole Humeny, which has been featured at several festivals across Alberta over the past two years. Richard is a graduate of the BFA Acting program at the University of Alberta.

Patrick Quinn

Patrick is excited to be working on such a fun project. He's also excited to be back in Calgary since he's spent the better part of the year in West Africa where he was training to become a hippopotamus, which is much harder then it looks. You may remember him as a tour guide for Freak Show for the past two years. He also does a lot of work with a sketch comedy group called The Late Late Breakfast Show. They're only ok but you should come to the shows anyways. Other than that, he just kind of hangs around. Patrick would like to wish you and yours a very happy birthday (when the time comes). Enjoy the show and the Rodeo!

Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer Roberts: is an actor, playwright, mover and poet

Shannon Xenis: is an actor, writer and mother

Laryssa Yanchak: is a fight director, circus performer and actor.

Elaine Weryshko

Elaine Weryshko is a native Calgarian artist, collaborator and arts manager. When growing up she was trained as a classical singer, performing twice with Calgary Opera in their productions of Filumena and Hansel and Gretel. She turned her focus to theatre after realizing an equal passion for storytelling and live performance, and graduated from the BFA Theatre program at the University of Calgary.

Since then she has taken an equal role in theatre creation, teaching, training, performance and arts administration. Elaine has worked professionally in administration with such companies as Theatre Junction GRAND, Old Trout Puppet Workshop, Ghost River Theatre and most recently Springboard Performance and the Fluid Festival. In performance she has worked with Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre, Theatre Encounter, The Green Fools and with her company clown collective, The Pie Factory, who will be debuting their first creation at the 2012 Calgary International Children's Festival.

She has also self-created two popular outdoor clown performances based on the TV show Iron Chef, which have been featured at the Calgary International Children's Festival ('08-'10), Calgary Folk Music Festival ('09 & '10) and Calgary World Skills Competition '09. Elaine has trained in clown, mask, neo bouffon, physical performance, viewpoints and also bakes better chocolate chip cookies than you.

TOUR #2: Shadow of the Tower

Julia Burns

Julia Ain Burns is an artist based in Calgary, Alberta with a wide experience in the arts and creative industries. Julia's practice spans media arts, puppetry, performance and circus arts. Known primarily as a filmmaker, she has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a film production major from Simon Fraser University and over fifteen years' experience. This is her third venture with Swallow-a-Bicycle's site specific work and she is thrilled to be a part of the Spectacular.

Mikaela Cochrane

Mikaela graduated from Mount Royal's Theatre Performance program last spring. In the program she performed in the Shakespeare tour A Dream of Midsummer, Uncommon Women and Others, and Ash Girl. Mikaela was also part of the 2010 Heritage Park street players, with roles in several plays including Doctor Dilliamond's Day Off and The Mail Robbery.

Since graduating Mikaela has acted in Swallow-a-Bicycle's i-ROBOT Theatre and helped produce ENDURE: RunWomanShow, an immersive theatre piece from New York City. In October she had her first film role as a lead in Love Me. Mikaela has also recently acted in i-ROBOT Unplugged and the U of C's Dance Montage.

Jennifer DeWolf

Jennifer DeWolf has a B.A. in Dance, with a concentration in choreography and performance from the University of Calgary. She has performed in numerous productions, most recently in AIR presented by Dancers' Studio West. Her choreographic work has been shown in DSW's Alberta Dance Festival, Spark, Nextfest, Dance at Night, Dance at Noon and a showing at Maison de la Danse in Istres, France.

DeWolf's technical foundation derives from her ten years of training as a competitive gymnast. Since then, she has trained in many styles of dance such as Contemporary, Jazz, Afro-Cuban and West-African. DeWolf has also travelled abroad to Cuba, France, Finland and Poland where she took workshops in Afro-Cuban and Contemporary dance. While touring Europe, she performed full evening works with SURGE (eko dance projects). Currently, DeWolf is involved in Decidedly Jazz Danceworks' Professional Training Program.

Devon Dubnyk

Devon is delighted to once again be part of the High Performance Rodeo as a tour guide in Swallow-a-Bicycle's Shadow of the Tower. Devon is an actor, playwright, theatre devisor, instructor and a graduate of the University of Calgary.

Past credits include: Much Ado About Nothing, Theatre Calgary; Rebecca, Vertigo Theatre; Radioheaded 2: A listening Party to Watch, One Yellow Rabbit; The Walnut Tree, Persephone Theatre; whiteNOISE, The Earpiece Collective and Downstage; Immediate Swoons, Sage Theatre Ignite! Festival ; Just Kidding, Quest Theatre; The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Theatre Encounter. Devon also teaches theatre to kids, sowing the seeds of creativity in young minds.

Liana Law

Liana Law is a recent graduate from the University of Calgary, majoring in Chemical Engineering. By nature she is an engineer but her passion for the arts has never subsided. Her two main interests lie in traditional sketches using pencil and paper, and computer media. Combining her technical background with her imagination in a collaborative effort with Tony Tran, she hopes to bring to light their creative story.

Daniel Mills

With a degree in music performance from McGill University, Daniel Mills is currently a freelance classical trumpet player in and around Calgary. He has performed as an extra with The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, The Calgary Civic Symphony and The McGill Symphony Orchestra, amongst other chamber ensembles. He has twice been selected as a member of The National Youth Orchestra of Canada, with which he has toured across the country.

Daniel has a passion for multi-disciplinary performance and, through his training as a recreational dancer, has combined music and movement in The Alberta Dance Festival, and with La Caravan Dance Theatre. He has also dabbled in musical theatre, as a cast member in productions of Cabaret and Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical in Montreal, and looks forward to participating in another theatrical production.

Geneviève & Georgette Paré

It was lights up, curtains, and cameras when Geneviève and Georgette once met, in a Holy Cross, along the shores of the Elbow River. Inner city. Opening night. The audience wore masks.

Gen and Geo have been performing ceremonies of the earthly and human condition ever since.

Georgette graduates from the U of C with a BFA in Drama in 1993 and begins her career as a facilitator of collective creation with All Nations Theatre and a Theatre Instructor at MRU, as well as collaborator and Board President with Maenad Theatre. In time, Georgette begins teaching at the University of Calgary. Her passion: Integrated Arts and Performance Creation.

Theatre hours can be long and often outside of child-care schedules, so Gen regularly accompanied her mama to shows, classes, meetings and rehearsals. For Gen, the behind-the-scenes world of theatre was a sort of day care.

Geneviève's early ambition was to be the first human on Mars, and she almost made it; she just ran out of cash. Spending time with Georgette, Geneviève learned that the performing arts can offer a more affordable alternative to space travel. She studied Dramatic Arts at the University of Lethbridge, where she focused on acting, directing and performance creation.

Gen and Geo are thrilled to be part of OYR's High Performance Rodeo in Swallow-a-Bicycle's site-specific tours. An inner city moment, once again.

Mike Tan

Mike is a Calgary-based actor and creator from the University of Calgary who graduated with a BFa in Drama. This spring he will be entering his 6th year in the Resident Company of Artists creating work at Theatre Junction. Previous works with Theatre Junction include Archaeology, Little Red River, On the Side of the Road, and most recently Lucy Lost Her Heart. Mike has also worked in the ensemble with Calgary's Downstage theatre company creating new work (BUSt) and participating in One Yellow Rabbit's High Performance Rodeo for the last 4 years.

Mike's hobbies include graphic design, film photography and working on performance cars. When Mike is not participating as an actor in theatre, he is teaching classes and set designing (Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, most recently Frankenstein) with Calgary Young People's Theatre and turning wrenches with Lithium Autosport in Calgary.

Tony Tran

Tony Tran is an Alberta-based dance artist, and holds a BComm in Marketing with a Minor in Dance from the University of Calgary. Tran is an active member of the Calgary Dance Community, especially in the urban dance scene, through his work as an instructor, performer and choreographer.

As a performer, Tran has worked with House of Dangerkat and W&Men of W&M Physical Theatre, and has also had the opportunity to train and perform in Finland and New York City on several occasions. Tran's choreography has also been presented by Sage Theatre's Ignite! and the University of Calgary's Dance Montage.

TOUR #3: Beyond the Curtain

Jessica Barrera

Jessica's unique movement training began in Toronto with the guidance of Marsha Kennington's Main Space School of Circus Arts and coaches from the Moscow Circus. She later joined Cirque du Soleil's creative circle, training and touring with the North American tour of Quidam as an aerial artist for a number of years.

In the later stages of her circus career, she branched off to work with Cirque Sublime as a co-artistic director and performer for shows in North America and Asia. She has also been privileged to have studied and worked with Mike Kennard and John Turner from Clown duo 'Mump and Smoot' as well as having taken part in the film and television scene as an actor, dancer and stunt performer.

In recent years, Jessica's creative work has led to teaching through the arts. She has been a full-time specialist through Toronto's Harbourfront Circus program and the Toronto School of Circus Arts as well as an educational performer for Cascade theatre, touring shows throughout Ontario schools. As a guest teacher, she has been invited into the Toronto Peace Theatre and Stratford Summer Intensive.

Most recently, she was helping establish New York's inner city Dancing Classroom's program (featured in the documentary Mad Hot Ballroom) in Toronto, with Join the Dance Canada. Jessica continues to develop various life-long practices like yoga (including teaching), massage therapy and creative sourcing.

Nyssa Brown & Joleen Toner

Nyssa and Joleen's interdisciplinary pursuits began immediately upon meeting at the Alberta College of Art + Design in 2009. They have since continued to collaborate artistically, musically and while dreaming. Appearing respectively on Beatroute's 5th anniversary album and in the 2011 Sled Island Festival, these two ladies are very much looking forward to working with another pillar of Calgarian culture!

Val Duncan

Val Duncan is a Calgary born and educated performer and writer. For the past three seasons, she has trained and performed physical theatre as a company artist with Theatre Encounter, and will join them again for their March 2012 production of Waiting for Godot. In 2011, she made her playwriting debut with her adaptation of The Cremation of Sam McGee, which was recently remounted as part of the Soulocentric Festival.

Val's deep and abiding love of vaudeville has been growing steadily over the past several years, and she is delighted to finally have the opportunity to bring it to the boards.

Celene Harder

Celene is an artist, mover and shaker. Selected credits include Quest (Theatre Encounter), Beatrix P. Noseworthy's Peculiar Puppetronic Phenomena (Humble Wonder), Fort Saviour (HPR Midway 2010), The Sunset Cabaret (Sunset Theatre), and walking the streets of Barkerville as Emily Bowron (Red Beak Productions).

Celene recently graduated from the University of Calgary, receiving a BFA in Drama and a BA in English. Currently she is in rehearsal for Theatre Encounter's production of Waiting For Godot, playing at the GRAND in March. Celene delights in many pursuits, including capoeira, dance, stage combat and clown. Thanks to Swallow-a-Bicycle for the opportunity to team up with her cohort in crime and live the vaudeville dream!

Jeff Kubik

Jeff Kubik is a writer, standup comedian and sometime puppeteer. As a playwright his work has been produced in Montreal, Victoria, Edmonton and Calgary, and he has toured locations around Western Canada as a standup comic.

Along with Alan Cho, he produces Kaboom... Hooray! Comedy!, a monthly standup and sketch show for the alternative mind. If you would like to see him wearing a fake moustache, you should check out Kaboom... Hooray!'s YouTube channel, where he does that kind of thing.

Natalka Lewis

Emerging dance artist and choreographer Natalka Lewis completed her Bachelor of Arts in Dance (ballet specialization - School of Alberta Ballet) from the University of Calgary in 2010. She has been performing and choreographing with the Momentum Dance Collective since 2010, most recently teaming with the Good Women Dance Collective of Edmonton.

Natalka's performance credits include Soulocentric, Ignite!, NextFest, What's Cooking?, Alberta Dance Festival, Mainstage Dance, Dance Montage, and Dance@Noon, as well as independent projects in collaboration with event planners, musicians, poets and actors. Her background includes dance, acting and singing. She has been a company member with the Tryzub Ukrainian Dance Ensemble and W&M Pro-Division. Natalka holds her Associate teaching certificate with the Cecchetti Society of Canada.

Alexandra Prichard

Alexandra has worked as a director, designer, dramaturg, stage manager and technician. For eight years she was based in Toronto where she taught and directed for the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts, and worked with draft89 - an interdisciplinary performance collective dedicated to devising new work and fostering mentorship opportunities for emerging artists.

Recent work includes lighting design for Spark (Fluid Movement Arts Festival), How I Became Invisible (CLUNK Puppet Lab), It is Solved by Walking (Urban Curvz), The Queens (The Shakespeare Company), Tuesdays and Sundays (Lunchbox Theatre) and Something to do With Death (Ghost River, Betty Mitchell nomination). She was assistant director for Theatre Calgary's Seven Stories in 2009, and the Company Manger for Theatre Junction (2008-2010), where she collaborated with the resident company of artists in creating On the Side of the Road.

Her work has been seen in theatres in Toronto, Montreal, Sudbury, Hamilton, Detroit, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and Melbourne, as well as in galleries, parks, barns, courtyards, gazebos, needle-ridden warehouses and the basement of a record store. Alexandra holds an MA in Drama from the University of Toronto and a Graduate Diploma in Directing from the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. This is her first artistic interaction with an absent pop machine.

Naomi Williams

Naomi Williams is very happy to step in and assist fellow artists by playing a diva... more, please! Naomi earned a Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance from Wilfred Laurier University in Ontario, and promptly after began to teach voice and piano in Guelph to a full studio. Since arriving in Calgary she has performed with the Calgary Opera Company, Morpheus Theatre, Front Row Centre, Cappuccino Musical Theatre and Showbox Entertainment. She teaches voice lessons to keen adult students, and happily music directs/vocal coaches local shows when asked. She valiantly strove to earn the title of 'Busker Idol' as part of the Jack FM radio competition in 2010 (she came in second). Naomi puts her operatic training to good use on weekends as the lead singer of Black Light, a classic rock cover band. Thank you to Hope Management, Alexandra and Eric for this opportunity!

Howard Wright

Howard is hooked on music and theatre - surprise! He has performed in over 25 theatre and musical theatre productions in the Calgary community. It is rumoured that he has sung the odd note for the Calgary Opera Chorus.

'Poperetta' is his first venture into site specific theatre - and a fantastic one for sure. "It's a pleasure to work with such a talented and dedicated director, cast and crew". Kudos to Swallow-a-Bicycle for pursuing the genre, and special thanks to Rogues Studio Theatre for inspiration!

TOUR #4: Death of the Freak Show

Erin Bauer - Stage Manager

Erin is thrilled to be back working with Swallow-a-Bicycle on Death of the Freak Show. Since graduating from Mount Royal University's Technical Theatre program, Erin has worked as a Stage Manager and Designer for theatre companies in Alberta and BC.

Select Stage Management credits include: Just Kidding (Quest Theatre), Volte: 2011 Grandstand Show (Calgary Stampede/Young Canadians), And So It Goes (Downstage), The Drowsy Chaperone (Theatre Calgary), Ruined (Ellipsis Tree Collective), All Shook Up (Theatre North West), Across the Tracks and Freak Show Redux: Into the Abyss (Swallow-a-Bicycle). Erin would like to thank her family of freaks for making this show one to remember.

Nick Blais - Costume Designer

Nick Blais is a freelance theatre designer. A graduate of the University of Alberta's Theatre Design Program, he has recently returned from the Prague Quadrennial Exhibition for Scenography where he exhibited work in both the student exhibit and the professional portfolio archive.

Nick is excited to bring his freshly-sparked vigor for theatre, internationally and locally, back to Canada. His experiences at PQ have deeply inspired him to devote his design efforts to bringing emotive and transformative visuals to life through the never-ending experimentation and exploration of creative risk. Nick lives to collaborate closely and build exciting and treasured relationships with equally passionate risk-takers.

Upcoming credits include The Magic Flute (Calgary Opera), A Steady Rain and RACE (Ground Zero Theatre), Merrily We Roll Along (Grant MacEwan University). Recent design credits include Performing Book (Brian Webb Dance Company), Brake (Heart Meat Productions), StageLAB (University of Alberta).

Léda Davies - Performer

Léda is an actor, dancer and circus artist whose dream is to join the circus.

As a former Artistic Associate with Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre from 2008-2011, Léda's previous SaB appearances include: Lhasa: Land of the Gods, Shhhh! and Wanderlust, as well as the 10-Minute Play Festival and Freak Show 2009 & 2010. Léda was also a part of Freak Show at this year's Edmonton International Fringe Festival.

Other acting credits include Project Whooping Crane (Green Fools Theatre, Japan Tour), The Disembodied Lady (Ignite! Festival-Sage Theatre & Soulocentric Festival), The Astonishing Adventures of Awesome Girl and Radical Boy (Center Stage), Jack and the Bean Stalk (Dandi Productions), The Toothfairy (Old Trout Puppet Workshop, Western Canada Tour), One Flea Spare (Sage Theatre) for which she was nominated for a Betty Mitchell Award for Best Actress in a Dramatic Role, The Piper (Downstage), The Premature Burial (Raven Theatre), Urban Reality (Calgary Fringe Festival/Ground Zero Theatre) and Wedgie (THEATREboom).

Léda has also appeared as a dancer, choreographer and aerialist around Calgary. Special thanks to her family and the clown in her life, Jed.

Pattie Dwyer - Performer

Pattie is an actor, writer and performance artist. She has recently moved to Calgary from Fort McMurray. Earlier this year she traveled to Kerela, India to study Yoga and various types of physical theatre.

Her recent credits include El Camino in the production Broke (Parenthesis Company), Night Light (Quest Theatre), Awaken (Spring Street Films) and Doll Parts (PWG).

Pattie graduated from the University of Lethbridge with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and holds a Performance Diploma from Keyano College. She is really excited to be part of this year's High Performance Rodeo.

Bobbi Goddard - Performer

Bobbi is thrilled to be back among the Freaks! This is her second descent into the bowels of the Epcor Centre, and her third go-round with Swallow-a-Bicycle. Previous S-A-B credits include CHARADES, as part of Ignite! 2010, and Freak Show: Redux, OYR's High Performance Rodeo 2011.

A graduate of Mount Royal University's Performance program, Bobbi's resume seems to be getting shorter as her passport gains stamps. She recently completed a 3-month stint as a waitress in Israel, and has never felt more like an actress. Since graduating she has taught and created forum theatre in rural India, made plays and coached dialects with pals, toured and created with young people across Alberta, and spent the past five summers with brilliant teenagers at Theatre Alberta's Artstrek.

Most recently on Calgary stages, Bobbi was seen in Theatre Calgary's Much Ado About Nothing as a member of the FUEL ensemble. Coming up, you can find her: practicing Hebrew, hunting for a husband (Rubes need not apply), and singing in hallways.

Kyle Hinton - Sound Designer

Kyle Hinton is my name, and I am a devoted theatre and sound artist. I was born and raised in Calgary, grabbed a BA in Drama with a minor in Philosophy from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, and moved back to Calgary to tear it up as a multi-disciplinary artist.

Since graduating I have been involved in several projects: I wrote Characters and Violence which was presented at Edmonton's Nextfest in 2010; I have done the sound design for Swallow-a-Bicycle's Freak Show Redux: Into the Abyss, i-ROBOT Theatre and i-ROBOT Unplugged. I have also done the sound design for Disembodied Lady which was presented at Sage Theatre's 2011 Ignite! Festival and the sound design for Mind Hive Collective's S/Kin which was performed at the 2011 Edmonton Fringe.

I am absolutely stoked to be doing the sound for Death of the Freak Show because of its site-specific challenges to further explore my aesthetic as a theatre and sound artist.

Mark Hopkins - Dramaturg

Mark Hopkins is a Calgary-based theatre artist and community-builder. He spends his days in the offices of One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre, working as the Associate Producer of the High Performance Rodeo, and his nights in the creative trenches with Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre. He's also thrilled to be associated with ArtsScene Calgary, ArtsVote Calgary and Calgary Young People's Theatre.

Mark is the host of regular 'We Should Know Each Other' parties, was voted the 3rd Hardest-Working Calgarian in FFWD's 2011 Best of Calgary survey and appeared on The Calgary Herald's list of 20 Compelling Calgarians for 2011.

Ian McFarlane - Performer

Ian is a performer, painter and designer whose focus is on the creation of new works. A recent graduate of the University of Lethbridge, Ian holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Multidisciplinary. Previous appearances with Swallow-a-Bicycle include Freak Show Redux: Into the Abyss, i-ROBOT Unplugged and The House Project Performances. Recent credits include a new performance creation in Broke (Parenthesis Company), Wanda's Visit (Lunchbox Theatre), Going to Extremes (Evergreen Theatre) amd set designs for Light It Up, If you Give a Mouse a Cookie, Twist and Shout and Born to Rock (New West Theatre).

Ian is very excited to be part of this year's Rodeo, and to be working on site-specific theatre once again. Here's to making public space come alive.

Charles Netto - Director

Charles is Co-Artistic Director of Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre.

He works primarily as a writer, director and producer. He has directed and had a hand in writing and creating numerous Swallow-a-Bicycle productions: Freak Show (Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival), i-ROBOT Theatre, Wanderlust, Shhhh!, as well as shorts "A World Gone Mad", "Free Coffee" and "Sprawl". He is the sole author of the plays Scenes from a Revolution and Chance Moments.

Charles is currently the Treasurer of the Alberta Playwrights' Network. He has on his wall a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Alberta.

Jed Tomlinson - Performer

Jed Tomlinson is a Calgary-based actor, drummer and theatre artist with a penchant for new works and collective creations. Favourite credits include: performing in The Invisible Project, a collective collaborative on homelessness in Calgary, Frozen with Sage Theatre, and Re:Generation with THEATREboom. Other favourites include Percussionist for Little Mercy's First Murder with Ground Zero Theatre, Tour Manager for Ghost River's Mesa UK Tour, Technical Director for NIx as part of the Cultural Olympiad, Touring Technical Director for Elephant Wake with the Globe Theatre, and Technical Director for the Japan Tour of Project Whooping Crane with the Green Fools.

Jed is also a facilitator with Antyx (formerly All Nations Theatre) with whom he creates plays based on struggles within specific communities in an effort to explore possibilities for positive change. Also an Artistic Associate and Resident Designer with THEATREboom during the company's five years of existence, Jed is proud to have had a hand in the creation and production of ten new works during that timeframe. Jed is a founding member of The Pie Factory Collective, with whom he is creating a new piece of theatre for the Calgary International Children's Festival based in Pochinko Clown Technique.

Dana Welz - Performer

Originally from Medicine Hat, Dana Welz recently packed her bags and moved up to Calgary. She completed her BFA in the spring from the University of Lethbridge and performed in last season's Spring Awakening and Richard III. Having moved into a house full of artists and inspirations, Dana has collaborated in making sketch comedy pieces such as the Raunch Christmas Cabaret. A performer, writer and comedian, she is always open to exploring new forms of expression and can't wait to work with Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre.