Laura Nixon

Laura Nixon is a proudly born and raised Calgarian working in energy regulation with a Masters in environmental science and reclamation. She has dedicated her 15 years’ experience to public service, bringing together multidisciplinary teams to tackle complex and pressing problems on a wide array of energy development and environmental issues in Alberta. As an organizational leader, she is passionate about building teams, working in the public interest, and supporting science- and evidence-based decisions. With this passion to support others to pursue their potential, she believes that we all have contributions to make that can make our communities stronger, healthier and happier places to be.

Before finding Swallow-a-Bicycle, Laura’s belief in vibrant and healthy communities saw her focus volunteer efforts on the athletic (YMCA Masters swimming, UofC and UVic rowing), environmental (City of Calgary BiodiverCity Advisory Committee) and social (Drop In Centre, United Way Calgary and Area) sides of the community. As soon as we get through COVID-19, Laura will look forward to also contributing her baking skills to the theatre, while we all tackle swallowing cookies, complacency, conventions and problematic issues, together.