Everyone We Know Will Be There: A House Party in One Act

Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre presents
Tiny Bear Jaws’

Everyone We Know Will Be There:
A House Party in One Act

A site-specific play
Written by Elena Belyea
Directed by Andrew Ritchie
June 14-17, 2017 – 7:00 & 9:30 pm nightly
10 Tuscarora Way NW
(Regrettably, this venue is not wheelchair accessible.)
Buy tickets online or at the door (limited availability)
General: $17 for first performance, $15 for second, $12 for any subsequent performance
Students/Seniors/Artists: $15 for first performance, $12 for any subsequent performance
(At each performance, you will follow one of five central characters… so you may want to come more than once, to get different perspectives! You will receive a discount code for further performances after your first ticket purchase.)
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Keg stands, Sour Puss, Snapchat and Yukaflux!
It’s Bradley Freeman’s 17th birthday and his parents are on a yacht 10,000 miles away, drinking their body weights in margaritas. Cue the most orgiastic, booze-fuelled rager this town has ever seen. Follow one of five characters (The Outcast, Infiltrator, Deceiver, Archivist and Host) in this deafening site-specific investigation of teenage sex, identity, queerness, consent, and the warm, wet lessons we can only learn in the dark.
Set in a residential house, Everyone We Know Will Be There: A House Party in One Act splits its audience into groups to follow one of the cast’s five central characters. Viewers observe the party “invisibly” through their character’s eyes and experience uniquely intimate moments (sometimes as close as a foot away). The party’s raucous atmosphere is amplified by an ensemble of party guests (many of which are played by actual teenagers) embroiled in their own personal dramas, intersecting periodically with the show’s main cast.
Leading up to the event, you can add Brad as a friend on Facebook, or follow him on Twitter and Instagram. You can also find Tiny Bears Jaws on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and follow the action at #everyoneweknow.
Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early in weather-appropriate clothing. This play travels through a residential house;  if you have any specific mobility/access requirements, please let us know at info@swallowabicycle.com.
Buy tickets online or at the door (limited availability)
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Support for Everyone We Know Will Be There was provided by Playwrights Workshop Montreal, Canada Council for the Arts, The Nextfest Arts Company and Common Ground Arts Society.

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Buy tickets online or at the door (limited availability)
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Poster by Meags Fitzgerald

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Audience Feedback:
“The structure is intriguing. Really plays with the role of the bystander. Often asked myself, ‘should I intervene’?”
“I was jealous at first when everybody else was seeing things I couldn’t. Then as it wore on I felt especially selfish and lucky because our group was the only one who got to see Tina’s journey.”
“You guys are doing important work. I thought after being invited via Facebook that we would be participants in the party and when I found out we were silent observers, I was disappointed. But I see now that I had a deeper connection with the show as an observer than as a participant. It affected me deeply.”
“I love that it’s in a real house.”
“The best parts of theatre and film together.”
“An engrossing and visceral show. I want to come back and see all 5 stories!”

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Everyone We Know Will Be There: A House Party in One Act

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