Mpoe Mogale is a Black Queer Femme that reigns from Lebowakgomo, South Africa. They are a recent University of Alberta Political Science graduate, where their honours thesis explored the representation of Blackness in Edmonton’s Arts community.

Much like Swallow-a-Bicycle’s productions, Mpoe’s research and art (typically integrated) cast a mirror to our society, allowing space for all to reconsider the myths that we have existed within, particularly as they pertain to race and gender. They have co-led various community-based projects that utilize research and art to facilitate community mobilization—as recently exemplified in their artistic involvement with Ribbon Rouge’s ongoing Photo Voice project that investigates the strategies, strengths, barriers, and facilitators of Black Women’s lived experiences with HIV/AIDS in Alberta.

From stages to boardrooms, you can always find Mpoe shining light on issues faced by peoples who carry marginalized identities.