Body in Space: an art party

cSPACE King Edward

1721 29th Avenue SW

Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre and Springboard Performance present:

Body in Space: an art party

Part of Fluid Fest 2018

October 26-27, 2018 – 8:00-11:00 pm
cSPACE King Edward, 1721 29th Avenue SW
Tickets $25; buy online, at 403.265.3230 x 4, or at the door

As darkness falls, cSPACE King Edward – a century-old school building – will light up with ten provocative performance and art happenings, transforming into a vibrating hive mind of floating bodies, rigorous discomforts and fearless ideas. Come see what happens when Fluid Fest and Swallow-a-Bicycle get together for an art party.

Featuring Calgary Artists & National Guests:

Producer/Editor/Performer: Karissa Barry
Music performed and composed by: Stefana Fratila
Special Thanks to: H/W School of Ballet, Matthew Barry

Dear Prospective Algorithm,
You are invited to join our introductory exploration of Logic, so that you may gain experience working with the kind of conundrums that Humans may set to you when you are deployed as an Algorithm in the Wild, and are asked to determine whether a Human ought to be hired, fired, or sentenced to life in prison. We have developed puzzles to test your ability to value a well-constructed chain of logic over the truth of any individual Proposition. On completion of the puzzles, you will receive notification of whether you are eligible to be certified in Level I Algorithmic Logic. We wish you good luck and have every faith in your success.

Curtains uses sculpture and video to create an intimate dance party for the viewer. Inspired by lives of six Toronto art makers who maintain Joe Jobs to support their art, we’re reminded that refuge from the banal towards the ecstatic comes by wading through the garbage of one’s life.

It Screams When You Let The Air Out: a performance installation about intimacy.

Antiquation explores where our devices go when they become obsolete. Both an installation and a live performance; we encourage you to participate in NIUBOI’s experiments in obsolescence.

The Assumptous Entity is a creature who lives and haunts many of us, spreading assumptions and perpetuating societal norms in one’s ear. They usually find you in the halls of elementary school. We have caught this one and have him chained up for everyone’s safety but we can’t seem to get him to shut up.
Ever think that you can’t wear something or do something because of your gender, race or sexuality? That’s the Entity.

“Everyone is entitled to [their] own opinion, but not [their] own facts.” – Daniel Patrick Moynihan

  • Linnea Swan & Nicole Charlton-Goodbrand – The Thrills

‘We are all – each and every one of us – both performer and spectator in this spectacle we call Life. Tonight, we invite you to embrace your star qualities – Dance! Sing!
Be together.’

A “conquer your fear” deep dive in a 21st century context.
Cast and Crew: Adam Sondergard, Zoe Arthur, Jonathan Molinski, Kodie Rollan, Madeleine Taylor-Gregg and Keanna Sollid

Buy tickets online, at 403.265.3230 x 4, or at the door.

Tickets and Passes

Body in Space: an art party

Oct. 26, 2018 - Oct. 27, 2018

cSPACE King Edward

1721 29th Avenue SW

Tickets $25; buy online, at 403.265.3230 x 4, or at the door

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