i-ROBOT Theatre

As part of Beakerhead, a citywide spectacle of arts and engineering,
Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre presents the return of its most popular show,
The sci-fi sensation…
i-ROBOT Theatre
September 11-22, 2013
“It is a poor robot that blames its programming.”

i-ROBOT Theatre is an original play by Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre that integrates cutting-edge technology to create a live sci-fi performance. With quick-witted writing, jaw-dropping puppets and, above all, lots of robots, it asks big questions about the nature of identity, autonomy and humanity.
In a near-future world, robots are everywhere. Your toaster discusses philosophy, your humidifier wants to tap dance, and your bedside lamp is afraid of molten lava. The relationship between humanity and technology has never been more intimate… until the mysterious Infanta virus thrusts that delicate balance into chaos.
Inspired by Jason Christie’s i-ROBOT Poetry, development of i-ROBOT Theatre began in September 2009. It premiered to rave reviews in November 2011, quickly becoming Swallow-a-Bicycle’s most popular show. This September, as part of Beakerhead – a citywide spectacle of art and engineering – we are teaming with Calgary’s technology, engineering and fashion communities for a groundbreaking upgrade that you won’t want to miss.

i-ROBOT Theatre at Beakerhead
September 11-22, 2013
Art Box on 17E, 1807 42 St SE
(Click here for location info)

Tuesday-Saturday at 7:30 pm
2:00 pm matinees on September 15, 21 & 22

Tickets $25 adult, $20 student / senior / arts worker
Pay-What-You-Can on September 15 & 17

For more info, call 403.698.3088 or e-mail info@swallowabicycle.com.

Creative Team
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Producers: Mark Hopkins & Charles Netto
Director: Charles Netto
Assistant Director: Matthew McKinney
Writers: Natalee Caple, Jason Christie, Mark Hopkins & Charles Netto
Production Manager: Kelsey Ledbury
Stage Manager: Erin Bauer
Mikaela Cochrane
Nathan Iles
Alan Johnson
Jennifer Roberts
Holleay Rohm
Amy Sawka
Adam Schlinker
Madeleine Suddaby
Paul Welch*
Sarah Wheeldon
Choreographer: Edward Mitchell
Fight Choreographer: Jeffrey Olynek
Costume Design: Ann Galbraith
Assistant Costume Designer: Shannyn Dowsett
Lighting Design: Janet Mader
Puppet Designers: Natasha Fokoefs & Ryan Wheatley
Set Design: Studio Cartel (Rob Dodds, Emma McCaul, Jessie St. Clair, Jennie Vallis, Katy Whitt)
Sound Design: Kyle Hinton & Rachel Peacock
Video Design: Kaely Dekker & Tyler Longmire
Marketing & Publicity Coordinator: Jenna Rodgers
Promotions Coordinator: Taryn Craig
*appears with the permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association
The original production of i-ROBOT Theatre was made possible by a team of talented collaborators that included Natalee Caple, AJ Demers, Travis Dickie, Thomas Michael Hall, Mark Hopkins, Wil Knoll, Kelsey Ledbury, Scott Morris, Charles Netto, Jeffrey Olynek, Jennifer Roberts, Elaine Weryshko and Aislin Winsor.

The video projection technology in this performance has been made possible through the Calgary Foundation’s funding of a unique partnership between Ghost River Theatre and the Pumphouse Theatres. These professional-grade projectors, specifically selected to function well within a theatre setting, are being made available not only to this company but also, through the management and support of the Pumphouse Theatres, to small and mid-sized Calgary cultural institutions at an affordable rental rate. This means that this exciting but expensive new tool for theatrical production will be accessible to innovative Calgary artists, regardless of their budgets.

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Audience feedback:
“i-ROBOT Theatre is un-frickin-believeable! Brilliant humour, profoundly moving, cool tech, deep philosophy. See it!”
“Floored. Absolutely floored. A thousand kudos wouldn’t be enough. Congrats to all, was worth the wait.”
“Incredible! Beautifully acted, moving, witty and creative.”
“An intriguing, engaging, fluid, thought-provoking show with kick ass actors.”
“An incredibly well-conceived imaginative piece of theatre unlike anything you’ve seen before.”
“It has all the elements that made you love robot stories in the first place.”


… to everyone who donated to our InvestYYC fundraising campaign! Your generosity helped to raise $24,374 and is vital to the success of this ambitious project.
A huge, robotic thanks to…
Carol Armes
Christine Baksh
Jonathan Ball
Leslie Biles
Sebastien Davies
Brett Ferster
Cheryl Foggo
Sarah Gemmell
Divona Herzog
Covy Holland
Bonnie Johnson
Wayne Johnson
Stephen Kent
Nigel Mahon
Simon Mallett
Cimmeron Meyer
Michael Morrison
Gail Niinimaa
Danielle Pohn
Shelley Spackman
Jayson Therrien
Javier Vilalta
… and everyone else whose donations made i-ROBOT Theatre possible!

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