Past Performances

Work that we’ve made, or toured, or presented, or supported.

Ghost: Return to Mourning, part of the Provocation Series at the 2019 IGNITE! Festival

Ghost: Return to Mourning is an experimental exploration of death, balancing autobiographical sentiment with external pressures regarding the healing that often needs to takes place. It encourages viewers to ruminate on past memories and divulge hidden truths to help us face darkness within ourselves when it comes to overcoming inauthenticity and accessing vulnerability.

Discomfort Lab 2019

In 2017, Swallow-a-Bicycle ran a performance incubator called Discomfort Lab, as a way of testing our company's mandate of supporting work which engages in 'productive discomfort'. We gave artists space, money, and time. We endeavoured to hold space for uncomfortable conversations. The overwhelming feedback we got from Calgary's performance community was: YES TO THIS. MORE DISCOMFORT PLEASE.

How to Self-Suspend

An X-rated narrative that is part storytelling, part photo-essay, part rope bondage demonstration, How to Self-Suspend is an interactive performance about how trauma shapes the choices we make, and how the choices we make reflect (and can perpetuate) trauma.

Winners and Losers

Winners and Losers is one part game, one part conversation that leans into our universally flawed human logic, and the desire to win at all costs.

Digital Folk

Digital Folk is a video game + costume party + music and dance performance + installation built around the desire to revisit how communities gather to play music, dance and tell stories.

Body in Space: an art party

As darkness falls, cSPACE King Edward – a century-old school building – will light up with ten provocative performance and art happenings, transforming into a vibrating hive mind of floating bodies, rigorous discomforts and fearless ideas.

Calgary Theatre in Flux: a forum about our future

It's been an intense - and, in some ways, disheartening - few months for Calgary's theatre scene. Let's take a breath, take a step back, and talk about it. Calgary Theatre in Flux: a forum about our future is an attempt to zoom out and look at our current situation in context.

Here? Safe? Now. Part of the Provocation Series at the 2018 IGNITE! Festival

A house is built every day outside of the Pumphouse Theatre, and a myriad of homebodies host and entertain inside its walls. Though friendly and chipper, things aren't always smiles and polite talks. Cracked mirrors, scratched-out photos, and other little secrets hide in the cracks of this makeshift sanctuary.

The Opposite, part of the Provocation Series at the 2018 IGNITE! Festival

Between November 4, 2015 and February 29, 2016, Canada resettled more than 25,000 Syrian refugees, following the outbreak of civil war. But what if war arrived much closer to home? What if Calgary became a warzone, and we were all forced to flee our homes and become refugees?

SOAK: part of the Provocation Series at the 2018 IGNITE! Festival

For one week, Matthew will only consume and create art with water donated by the residents and businesses of Sunalta in Calgary. He will document the process with video and audio recordings. There will be a number of installations around the IGNITE! Festival to showcase the exploration, culminating in a final performance piece titled SOAK.