Provocation Series 2020

part of Sage Theatre‘s 2020 IGNITE! Festival of Emerging Artists

Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre presents:

The Provocation Series

part of Sage Theatre‘s 2020 IGNITE! Festival of Emerging Artists: Hyperspace Edition

June 10-13, 2020
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At the 2020 IGNITE! Festival of Emerging Artists: Hyperspace Edition, Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre’s Provocation Series invites artists to push creative boundaries, and ask bold questions about art and society.

With the world swept up in the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a strange and anxious time for nearly everyone. We decided to move forward with a “festival-at-a-distance” to hold space for creativity, experimentation and connection… so this year, you can experience the Provocation Series online (or otherwise at a safe distance)!

The Provocation Series is a process-oriented mentorship platform. The artists are supported throughout their creation processes by the Swallow-a-Bicycle team, and participate in Influencer Artist Workshops facilitated, this year, by Eric Moschopedis, Jenna Rodgers and Javier Vilalta. Each project is also paired with a mentor to provide more individualized guidance and support.

The 2020 Provocation Series includes…

The Banana Conundrum

Elegant Animal

Good People

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We also want to acknowledge the hard work of all the artists who contributed to projects that were originally part of the Provocation Series but, due to unexpected circumstances, will not appear in the 2020 IGNITE! Festival:

  • ready or not, by Caitlin Main, with mentor Javier Vilalta
  • The Odds and Sods Cabaret, by Emily Parkhouse, with Amanda-Rae Cross, Selena Fisher, MacKenzie Lehner, Ryan Maschke, Jelena Minshall, Mikenzie Page, Deedra Salange Ladouceur, Katie Yonger, director Elizabeth Stepkowski Tarhan, and mentor Valerie Planche.

We hope to work with all of you in the future, and are excited to see where your creative adventures take you next.

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Provocation Series 2020

June 10, 2020 - June 13, 2020

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