Welcome to the sparkling new Swallow-a-Bicycle website, designed by Chelsea Klukas! This site will provide you with the most up-to-date information about all S-a-B activities, from performances to parties to workshops, so make sure to come back for updates. And if you want to be part of the online action, head over to our blog. We'd love to chat with you!

We're working hard to get the site up to speed with our myriad of upcoming events, but in the meantime here's a sneak peek at the insanity we have planned in the coming months:

Swallow-a-Bicycle is in the midst of finalizing our projects for 2009 - 2010. Last year we produced 6 shows and 2 parties in only 10 months! It was, of course, an incredibly exciting experience and we learned so much that we will use in our upcoming work. 2009 - 2010 will be a year of consolidation as we focus our energy on a few large creative projects. We will be looking to build and expand on the parts of this past year that we especially enjoyed and were energized by. We hope to use those experiences as a launching pad to bigger work that continues to challenge us as artists and producers. Along those lines too we will look at ways to expand our theatre practice and add more tools to our creative arsenals. Check back here in the next couple of weeks as we will be announcing our 2009 - 2010 projects!

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions about this website (or anything, really), we'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line at Thanks again for visiting our little slice of the interweb!